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Tech Specs


Tech Specs



X-Modem Ethernet/USB ADSL Modem
ADSL Modem, with Ethernet & USB Connectivity

The X-Modem offers high speed low latency access to the Internet. With built in Ethernet and USB connections for maximum flexibility.

Flexible connectivity Simplifies Internet Access
The X-modem includes built-in Ethernet and USB connectivity. Ethernet connectivity eliminates the need for specialist drivers allowing the modem to be connected to an Ethernet equipped PC for instant use. As drivers are not required for Ethernet connectivity the X-modem can be used with a wide range of systems such as Linux, Unix, MacOS X. As well as computers the X-modem can be connected to games consoles such as the Microsoft X-Box.

Broadband Routers, Internet gateways, Wireless gateways and Firewall Appliances usually come with Ethernet interfaces. The x-modem can be used to connect these devices to your ADSL service.

A USB connection is also provided for connection to a USB Equipped Windows PC, ideal for laptops.

Easy Installation
The X-modem is an external device, making installation very simple and straightforward without the need to open up your computer. The x-modem is ideally suited for Notebook PCs which don't have expansion slots.
Quick and Easy Setup – The X-modem comes pre-configured to work with UK ADSL standards. Web browser based configuration makes it easy to set-up the X-modem on any computer that has a web browser. The Quick & Easy installer will guide you through the configuration. The X-modem is designed to be compatible with all UK ADSL Internet service providers.


Ethernet Connection
Low latency Ethernet connection ideal for on-line Gaming.

USB Connection
USB connection ideal for Windows laptop PC's.

X-Box Live Compatible

The X-modem can be used for xbox live direct connection.


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Please seee the X-Modem M3