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Tech Specs


XTE-2005 Professional ADSL Filtered Faceplate


The XTE-2005 professional quality master socket filter, centerlaized filtration with maximum compatibility & performance.

Replaces the existing faceplate on the standard BT NTE-5 master telephone socket where the line enters your premises for optimum performance.

Allows connection of telephone equipment without using separate microfilters. IDC terminals on the rear allow connection of additional filtered and unfiltered hardwired telephone extensions. Ideal for people who would rather not have filters plugged in to the telephone socket or situations where equipment must be hardwired to the line such as alarm systems.

The XTE-2005 faceplate contains the same high quality filter as our highly respected XF-1e and XTF filters. Containing four high quality ferrite cores to ensure that accurate frequency separation is achieved.

Accurate separation ensures that overspill is minimised. Overspill is where the ADSL signal leaks in to the voice frequency range or speech interferes with the ADSL signal. The high quality, low tolerance components used ensure that your ADSL service will run at maximum performance and that your telephone calls will be free of interference. No other faceplate filter can offer such high performance, compatible with even the most complex telephone equipment. Fully compatible with DECT cordless phones and PABX systems.

Designed to exceed the the BT SIN 346 v2.2 guidelines for UK microfilters the XTE-2005 offers complete compatibility with BT services such as CLI (Caller ID).
The XTE-2005 is designed with a large ring capacitor to support the maximum REN (Ringer Equivalent Number) that the line is capable of REN 4. Fully compatible with ADSL, MaxDSL, ADSL 2 and ADSL 2+

RoHS Compliant Filter

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Compatibility Guaranteed

We are so confident that our XTE-2005 filters will be compatible with your equipment that we offer a full 30 day money back guarantee.

XTE-2005 Installation Guide PDF