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X-Modem M3

Tech Specs

XF-1e Microfilter


XTF Socket

Tech Specs


Tech Specs


X-Modem M3 Ethernet ADSL Modem


X-Modem M3, the latest generation of the X-Modem.

Ethernet ADSL Modem

Capable of speeds upto 8Mb the X-Modem helps you get the most from your ADSL service. Fully compatible with both traditional ADSL and rate adaptive ADSL Max services.

ADSL Max Premium

Easy installation

Quick and Easy Setup – The X-modem comes pre-configured to work with UK ADSL standards. Web browser based configuration makes it easy to set-up the X-modem on any computer that has a web browser. The Quick & Easy installer will guide you through the configuration. The X-modem is an external device, making installation very simple and straightforward without the need to open up your computer.

Flexible connectivity simplifies Internet access

The X-modem includes built-in Ethernet connectivity, eliminating the need for specialist drivers, allowing the modem to be connected to an Ethernet equipped computer for instant use. As drivers are not required for Ethernet connectivity, the X-modem can be used with a wide range of systems such as Linux, Unix, MacOS X. As well as computers the X-modem can be connected to games consoles.

Go wireless

Because the X-Modem is a self contained Ethernet modem that does not require a computer to connect, it can be used with a range of Broadband Routers, Internet gateways, Wireless gateways and Firewall Appliances equipped with Ethernet WAN interfaces.


The X-Modem offers complete peace of mind as it offers full compatibility with every ADSL and ADSL Max UK Internet service provider. As well as all the main providers using the BT network the X-Modem is also fully compatible with Kingston Communications (Karoo) and LLU operators (Talk Talk, Tiscali, etc).

Allthough the X-Modem M3 will work with most ADSL2 enabled lines, it is not recommended as the maximum performance will be limited to 8Mb. Unbundled services provided by BeThere/ o2 and Demon Internet are not compatible with the X-Modem M3 due to the non-standard cnfiguration of their DSLAM equipment at the exchange.

Where to buy

Live IP Technology

LiveIP TechnologyOur unique Live IP technology makes the
X-Modem invisible to the computer. With Live IP the public IP address issued by the Internet service provider is passed-through from the modem to the host to enable full compatibility with the widest range of software & games.

X-Station Quick Start Guide PDF
X-Station User Guide PDF