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Use AOL with an X-Modem


Article ID: HT013

This Information applies to:

  • X-Modem CE
  • AOL


This document explains how to use the X-Modem CE with AOL.

Due to the way AOL use their own proprietary software the set-up procedure for the X-Modem CE is different to the standard set-up procedure.


Before installing the X-Modem, if you are not already using AOL 9.0 or later please update your AOL software and ensure the connection is working before going any further.

Using the existing modem connection log on to your AOL master account and create a new AOL account. This new account will be used to connect the modem to AOL.

To access the AOL "Create a Screen Name", do a keyword search on names, and select Create Screen Name. Chose a name for this account, you may want to name the account you create something like "myxmodem".

  • The new AOL Screen Name must have General (18+) access. It is this Screen Name that actually establishes the connection (Mature Teen, Young Teen and Kids Only Screen Names will not work).
  • The password must be 8 or less characters and must consist of letters and numbers only (no special characters, such as ! £ ? % and spaces). The password must also be all lowercase no CAPITALS.

Don’t worry if you have already used all seven of your Screen Names. You can still use one of these but you will need to make sure the password follows the above rules.

Now log off AOL and disconnect your existing modem.

Configure the X-Modmem

Connect the X-Modem to the computer and use a standard web browser such as Internet Explorer (Not the AOL browser) to configure the modem as shown in the supplied quick start guide. In the Account details section you must fill in the AOL Screen Name followed by for example "[email protected]". Also fill in the password for the screen name.
Note: you must add ‘’ to the AOL Screen Name otherwise the router will not connect.