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Use the AMX-64 with an Apple Airport (Original)


Article ID: HT001

This Information applies to:

  • AMX-64
  • Apple Airport (Original)


This document explains how to connect and configure the original Graphite Apple Airport wireless base station with the AMX-64.


Before connecting your AMX-64 to the Airport Base Station connect a computer directly to the AMX-64 to run through the standard set-up routine. Set-up the AMX-64 using the quick & Easy installer and select the default configuration Automatic Sharing Mode.

When configuration is complete switch off the AMX-64 and connect it to the Ethernet LAN port on the Airport Base Station. If you have any devices connected to the port they can be connected to one of the unused ethernet ports on the AMX-64.

Assuming the base station has already been configured to share a dial-up analogue connection or to network your computers then use the Airport Admin Utility provided with your Airport. Configure the base station to use Bridge Only mode.

Internet Tab

The AMX-64 will handle the internet connection so you will no longer have to use the internet connect utility to dial the internet. The Airport Base Station needs to be configured to connect using ethernet in order to use the AMX-64 for internet access as follows.

Network Tab

The AMX-64 handles DHCP and NAT so these services must both be turned off in the Base Station. This means that the wireless clients will get an IP address assigned by the DHCP server built in to the AMX-64. As the AMX-64 will now be handling the job of handing out IP addresses the option "Distribute IP Addresses" must be unchecked.

Finnishing Up.

Now update the base station by clicking the Update button.