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Port 80 shown as open on X-Modem


Article ID: Q0006

This Information applies to:

  • X-Modem
  • X-Modem CE


Running an on-line security test such as those offered by GRC & Symantec result in a message indicating that port 80 is open and a potential security risk.


The X-Modem contains a web server used to administer it. As the modem works as a transparent bridge to the internet it can not tell where the web request comes from until it has received a request. This does not mean the modem is insecure as the response received by anyone connecting to the modem from the internet is as follows.

Hasbani Web Server Error Report:
Server Error: 403 Forbidden
Access Denied

However some users may prefer that the modem does not respond at all on port 80.


To prevent the X-Modem from responding on port 80 the web interface can be moved to an alternative port, for example port 8000. This can be done in the advanced options on the modem. When the port is changed the port number will need to be appended to the URL for accessing the modem. In the example port 8000 would mean the modem would be accessible from