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Unable to use some ICQ features


Article ID: Q0005

This Information applies to:

  • AMX-64
  • ICQ


It is possible to send and receive messages, but some of the other ICQ features do not work. The features that may not work include: File Transfer, Shared Files, ICQphone, ICQ Web Front, ICQ Voice Message, and ICQ Chat.
Note: You may also have trouble launching or using ICQ's external applications, including sending and receiving game or IP telephony/voice chat requests.


The default "Automatic Sharing" mode on the AMX-64 uses a industry standard technology known as NAT (Network Address Translation) to share the connection. NAT routers are natural firewall's that reject any unsolicited data that tries to travel from the Internet to your computer. Basically, if you didn't send a request for data, it isn't going to get past the NAT firewall.

If you are using Automatic Sharing mode, you should be able to send and receive messages, SMS, and URL's. However, you might not be able to use ICQ features that establish a direct peer-to-peer connection.


The standard ICQ Client to client connection is done using the TCP protocol, using port range 1024-65535. This means that you would need to open al the ports within the mentioned range 1024-65535. This is completely impractical as it would render the NAT useless.

These issues can be solved by using the Virtual Server configuration to forward a smaller range of ports for access through the routers NAT firewall and a configuration change in the ICQ preferences.

Connect to the AMX-64 web interface using the admin account and select "Advanced Setup". Click on "Virtual Server" located under the configuration menu. Forward ports 10000 to 10020 type TCP to the the IP address used by your computer. When complete click "Save Settings" the AMX-64 will need to reboot before changes will take affect.

Open the ICQ Menu and select Preferences.
Select the Connection feature.
Click on the User tab.
Click on the radio button Not using a proxy.
Click on radio button Use the following TCP listen port for incoming event. Insert the port numbers From 10000 to To 10020 for the port range.
Click on the Apply button to confirm your settings, your done.

To add ICQ support for more than 1 computer, simply follow the same procedure but increment the port range by 20 so the second computer would start with 10021.

IMPORTANT NOTES: Opening port's on your router decreases the security provided by the built-in NAT.