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Unable to connect to IRC server


Article ID: Q0001

This Information applies to:

  • AMX-64
  • IRC


After installing your AMX-64, one of two things may happen when you connect to an IRC server. You will either be autokilled, or you will be allowed to connect to the network but you will see a tilde ( ~ ) in front of your username when you do a /whois on your nick.


The default "Automatic Sharing" mode on the AMX-64 uses a industry standard technology known as NAT (Network Address Translation) to share the connection. NAT routers are natural firewall's that reject any unsolicited data that tries to travel from the Internet to your computer. Basically, if you didn't send a request for data, it isn't going to get past the NAT firewall.

In the case of IRC, when you log on to the IRC network, the IRC server will attempt to send your computer an Ident request to identify you. The NAT firewall will block the request as you did request the Ident connection. Therefore the IRC server will not get a response, you will either be refused a connection to the network or you will be allowed on, but not Idented.


Both of these issues can be solved by using the Virtual Server configuration to forward port 113 (the ident port) for access through the routers NAT firewall.

Connect to the AMX-64 web interface using the admin account and select "Advanced Setup". Click on "Virtual Server" located under the configuration menu. Forward port 113 type TCP to the the IP address used by your computer. When complete click "Save Settings" the AMX-64 will need to reboot before changes will take affect.